Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tulip Time

Another spring cover but this time it's tulips dancing in a mixed border at Keukenhof. The inside story, penned by Tovah, outlines the way Dutch master designer Jacqueline Van der Kloet integrates bulbs with other plants into meadow-like combinations. No more fussy little clumps of mono color! After 100+ years in Boston, our grande dame of of gardening mags, Horticulture, recently moved to Cincinnati. Now in the capable hands of AD Joan Heiob Moyers and ME Patty Craft, it continues to evolve in both style and content.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Workshops 2009

For those folks who have asked, I've scheduled a bunch of one-day garden photography workshops this year. They'll all begin with my illustrated talk (Building Better Garden Photographs) followed by a few hours of one-on-one coaching at these beautiful locations. We'll gather again in the afternoon for a lively critique of our work. Here's where I'll be:

April 18 Longwood Gardens - may be sold out
May 16 New York Botanical Gardens
June 6 Delaware Center for Horticulture
June 30 (tentative) The Barnes Foundation

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bathing Beauty

Another spring cover but this time it's from my own backyard. Nature's Garden, a newish title in the Meredith SIP lineup, is a fun and informative read for those of us who love to mingle with the natives in our chemical-free gardens. Jane McKeon, who I just met this past summer in Ohio, is their delightful new editor. The previous editor (and one of the most upbeat people I know) James Baggett, moved on to head up Country Gardens. He and gifted AD Jarret Einck directed this cover shoot with a few sketches and two phone calls. I also photographed three of the features for this issue -- Violets at Rita Sillivan-Smith's, written and produced by Tovah Martin; a Texas garden profile, produced by Barbara Nielson; and Trilliums at Edgewood Gardens written by Adam Levine.