Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bathing Beauty

Another spring cover but this time it's from my own backyard. Nature's Garden, a newish title in the Meredith SIP lineup, is a fun and informative read for those of us who love to mingle with the natives in our chemical-free gardens. Jane McKeon, who I just met this past summer in Ohio, is their delightful new editor. The previous editor (and one of the most upbeat people I know) James Baggett, moved on to head up Country Gardens. He and gifted AD Jarret Einck directed this cover shoot with a few sketches and two phone calls. I also photographed three of the features for this issue -- Violets at Rita Sillivan-Smith's, written and produced by Tovah Martin; a Texas garden profile, produced by Barbara Nielson; and Trilliums at Edgewood Gardens written by Adam Levine.


Al said...


I saw this at the newsstand and it is an incredible cover photo. The internet doesn't do it justice.


Rob Cardillo said...

Al, It was a challenge to get for sure. The garden surrounding the birdbath was just unplanted pots of prennials. I had also screened my back porch in burlap so I could get close to the birds without alarming them. And the many hours of sitting still and waiting...